DJ Jazzy D – The Groovemaster Leading The Way In Dirty Dutch.

DJ Jazzy DDJ Jazzy D 

Dj Jazzy D is regarded as South Africas no.1 groove dj he is also on the top list of all corporate clients as his 3hour live show has alot of value for money which includes live singers and musicians. Dj Jazzy D based in South Africa Pretoria has been a dj for just over 20years, he started off at a family owned Club Bel Air and had a long journey to gain the respect he has by producers/djs/artist and fans. His only released one self entitled cd and created one of the biggest dance floor hits in South African dance history entitled Lady Soul. His due to drop a new album in July. featuring some really top tunes such as the one below. He is a man of Faith and I for one truly believe the man is destined for greatness in the world of House Music. Truly The Groovemaster of Mzansi House and for founder of the Dirty Dutch Movement.

Soundcloud Link    Facebook Link      Twitter Link     Myspace Link     Youtube Link  DJ Jazzy D Webpage

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