DJ Cndo’s ”The Finest Lady Of House Vol.4” Album

DJ Cndo

Real name Sindisiwe Zungu, she was born in 1984 at Mandeni just 45mins outside of Durban next to the great river Uthukela. While studying at Mangosuthu Technikon she developed interest in DJing and started learning how to mix at Durbans Finest DJ Academy situated at Chilli Soul 320 West Street – Durban. Soon as she had mastered mixing, she was seen playing in every gig at Mangosuthu Technikon mixing better than most male DJs. DJ Cndo on this album is introducing some very talented young up and coming producers such as Point 5, DJ Malbi and DJ Mfundisi, Soul Poizen, Invaders that bring fresh sounds, so you guaranteed to hear some fresh beats that you have never heard before. Here is a track from her current sounds:


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