A Nice Blend From House Afrika With Their ”Rumble in the jungle” 2 Disc CD

Divine DJ & Zino The Neck Breaker 

The latest release from House Afrika brings us a taste of the beats that boom in Bloemfontein: two discs of Free State funk mixed by a pair of the city’s best, Divine DJ and Zino the Neck Breaker.

Disc 1 though is a showcase of the overseas sounds that regularly move vital Bloemfontein venues like Afro Vibe & Coobah and it is sequenced by the city’s most Divine DJ. Rapidly establishing himself as one of the most passionate and upfront DJ/producers in the country, Divine broke into the club scene with sets at spots like 52 Parliament, Cappello and Cofi Brooklyn, and then via sets on radio stations including Metro FM.

The second round in this all-out beat bout is delivered by Zino, “The Neck Breaker”, a name he’s adopted for his ability to twist bodies with his killer soulful beats. Best known for hosting (and playing at) exquisite parties like Neck Breaker Meets Black Coffee and The Neck Breaking Sessions, he’s also played alongside the country’s (and the world’s) best, including Ralf GUM, Rocco, Vinny and Christos.

The best of both worlds from Bloem, ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ is a brawl one definitely wants to get caught up in.

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