Refreshingly Soothing ”For All Seasons” By The Layders…

The Layders

Enter The Layders, a six-piece musical collective based in Johannesburg. Founded in 2008 and expanded in 2011, the view through their soul-tinted lenses is a riveting panorama of musical styles. Blending elements of funk, bossa nova, hip hop, neo soul and kwaito into tracks that radiate infectious funk and good times.

Frequently touted as ‘ones to watch’, The Layders live up to the hype. Combining skill, imagination and experimentation they are able to shift between genres confidently and convincingly.

The Layders achieve ‘boundary-free’, but if you were forced to pick just one label it would be authentic because even when they’re out of the studio or off the stage, they never stop being The Layders.

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