DJ What What Releases A Setswana Influenced Album.

DJ What What - What More

DJ What What – What More

DJ What What has done it again with this super track titled ‘Re Tlo Koba’, the track is making serious waves on South African radio stations  as well as on the dance floor, taken from his forthcoming album. DJ What What real name Brian Kgoe comes from Bloemfontein but has taken a Setswana approach in producing this album. As noted before in his previous album the chosen language tends to dictate the content. In his last album Zulu and English where the preferred languages. His latest single from the album reflects his chosen language ‘Tswana‘. Below is the track that has set the tone to the rest of the album.

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  1. .Lyrics To My UpComing 2nd Single… Kulani® – Wedding Day

    Verse 1:
    It’s Been A Year Stuck On The Same Date/ And My Heart Stuck On The Same Ache/ Dropped My Dime That’s How I Met My Fate/ Lord How Come Is He Marrying My SoulMate…

    Now His Car Is My Favorite Colour/ Now His House Is In My Favorite Town/ And You Kiss Him The Same I Taught You/ Though He Kept The Promises I Didn’t Fulfil…

    On Your Wedding Day/ I Should Give You Away/ I Should Give You Away/ I Should Give You Away/ Cause In Earlier Days/ I Gave You Away/ Did Not Beg You To Stay/ I Let You Walk Away… [*2]

    Verse 2:
    Now Your Happiest Day Is My Funeral/ Cause I’m Burying My Dreams Of Making You Mine Eternal/ Now I Look At Love Through A Broken Lense/ Foolish Me Should Have Made It Last While I Still Had The Chance…


    Chorus [*2]


    Chorus [*2]

    For Now You Can Download My 1st Single Here: Kulani® – Na Ku Xuva (With Muzesh Mr Kantara)

    December 11, 2012 at 8:46 pm

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