Citizen Deep Combines With Audio Jazz Records To Produce ‘A Riot Of Colour’


Citizen Deep – A Riot Of Colour

Tivani Ian Junior Mkhombo, most popularly known as Citizen Deep is a young man from Soweto (Protea North) and he is a member of the famous group called the Invaders of Afrika. He entered the music industry by releasing his first song titled Amandla feat. his older sister Kulie Gee, under a record label which he formed with Maruta Ramaboea (Tylo Parker). The beat was produced with a difficulty of not having sound drivers and his musical orientation helped him to execute this activity correctly. For a whole year he could not produce to his full capability restricted to this problem. The problem was later solved and his work has been amazing till this day. Citizen is also a DJ and claims that his Mixing is way better than his production. His recently combined with Audio Jazz Records for this latest compilation. One of the featured tracks to look out for is ‘‘Citizen Deep & Nolwazi – Convoluted Feelings (Main Mix)”. This is a track to definitely look out for.

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    Citizen Deep – A Riot Of Colour

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