Its That Time Again For House Afrika Session Volume Number 3

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House Afrika Session Volume Number 3 

House Afrika’s ‘Sessions’ sets have previously shone the limelight on hot young producers like Keys Snow, Da Capo, Chymamusique, C.9ine and Liquideep; in fact ‘Sessions 1’ marked the debut of a track called “Fairytale”…

‘Sessions III’ may just contain another ubiquitous hit or two, with its bumper selection of tracks across five discs from new blood producers Problem Child, Brazo Wa Afrika, Komfort Blendz, Dvine Brothers and La Shad. Always on the lookout for untapped, nascent talent, House Afrika have earmarked these young guns for future success, and on the vibrant evidence here, that assumption is a given.

The first mix here comes from Problem Child, aka Ten83, whose ritual grooves — a stirring blend of soulful and tribal motifs — have caught the ear of the Mofunk, Peng and DNH labels. In fact, the glittering set contains a couple of remixes of DNH head honcho Nick Holder, which is high praise indeed.

Brazo Wa Afrika’s ‘Ultimate Fusion’ set charts a similar but singular “ancestral” course, and it features drum-mad contributions from the likes of Chymamusique, DJ Bullet, Possessed Soul and DJ Kunta, all massaged into a smoothly moving journey to places deep and wide by the Limpopo-born beat conductor.

Next up the combo of Komplexity and DJ Fortee aka KomFort Blendz tell us to ‘Keep Walking’ with an intoxicating 80-minute blend of vocals, percussion, keys and class with guests like Blue, Akhona and Tebogo J. If song-led soulful dance is your bag, this will please in all the right places.

Dvine Brothers, a duo born in the North West and resident in Tshwane turn in ‘The Beginning’ (mixed by Kat La Kat), a session that combines the songwriting and production skills Dvine Lopez (aka Itumeleng Segatlhe) with the funky fluidity of Nesh Underground (aka Neo Tsatsimpe) for another musically astute examination of song-plus-dance. It should come as no surprise that this act has also caught the ear of the likes of Nick Holder and Da Capo.

Finally, La Shad closes out this massive ‘Session’, and his disc showcases the best of his work with Zaki Ibrahim, The Steals and Monique Hellenerg (his resume also includes house-y hook-ups with DJ Kent and Smallz). It’s a more than satisfying conclusion to another thrilling House Afrika excursion. Below is an album sampler of what to expect from the 5 Disc compilation:

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