“Reunited”, Appropriately Titled Album We Thank The Heavens Mafikizolo Is Back.

Mafikizolo - Reunited

Mafikizolo – Reunited

The house duo Mafikizolo, comprised of Theo and Nhlanhla are back with their latest album entitled ‘Reunited‘. This album offers up-to-date sound with charming sing along vocals. Over and above that, the duo also goes the extra mile in dishing songs that are meant to reclaim their spot in the music industry. The duo have been quiet for some time but promise nothing but quality and classic hits. This album has been produced by extraordinaire music genius, Oskido and new trouble maker in the music circle, Uhuru. Other songs to borrow your ears to are, ‘Reunited’, ‘Saka Harabe Bone’, ‘Nxese’, ‘Nakupenda’ and ‘Ngenxa KaThixo’. Some of the featured tracks can be sampled below:

Mafikizolo – Khona (Uhuru Mix)

Mafikizolo – Happiness



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