Alpha & Olmega Present “Amasiko” The Deep Afro Soul With A Twist

Alpha & Olmega - Amasiko

Alpha & Olmega – Amasiko

Nulu Music has spent the better part of 4 years immersed in international sounds with a focus on South Africa. The beats, the chants and the raw energy that flows from across the various areas of South Africa have captured the attention of Nulu Music, elevating there journey to another level yet again! Nulu Music is extremely pleased to present their very first of what will surely be many more album realeses, “Amasiko”, debuting artists Alpha & Olmega.

The album title Amasiko actually translates to heritage which is the driving force behind this album, we wanted to put out an album that shared the music we heard growing up, the music that lived all around us including various drums that were played by the different ethnic groups in South Africa and additional African cultures that we experienced.” explained Alpha & Olmega (Vusi Chirwa & Xolani Dlamini).

Alpha & Olmega have been creating music together from a young age in there hometown of Soweto and in 2010 they captured the attention of Nulu Music leading to the releases of Isandlwana in 2010. In addition Alafia in 2011 bending the world’s ear and creating a high demand for Alpha & Olmega’s next project. The Alafia release on Nulu Music received such an overwhelming world wide response it was hand picked by none other than Louie Vega of Vega Records for his compilation Mad Styles & Crazy Visions, Vol. 2 released on BBE. Nulu Music having recognized Alpha & Olmega’s true drive and passion to share the music they feel speaks for an entire nation have been deeply moved by the album Amasiko and are proud to release it so that everyone can experience the overwhelming life in this music.

The release of Nulu Music’s first album Amasiko by Alpha & Olmega features serious drum patterns, minimal vocals and the chants that have moved dancers in rituals across the continent of Africa and now will move the dance floors across the world! The album preview can be sampled below:

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