Baainar Records Unveils Its Compilation Of Originals In “Baainar Vault Vol 1”

Various Artists - Baainar Vault Vol 1

Various Artists – Baainar Vault Vol 1

Baainar is proud to introduce cuts taken from our extensive collection of originals, some new masters and never heard before remixes.

Since its first release in 2009 the Baainar Records family has been working hard in building a brand for itself both in South Africa and abroad. The results have been an amazing journey, as we watched the imprint started by Lunga Nombewu in a garage back in 2005, especially considering that the label was started with unknown producers who were hand picked by Lunga himself, and mentored for at least 2 to 3 years before the labels initial release. Artists like Eltonnick, Nkokhi and La Shad still carry the flag in terms of the sound that made Baainar a recognizable brand, whilst new guys like Dj Oats and Kaygee Pitsong bring a new flavor to the mix. Guest appearances on this volume include: Pascal Morais courtesy of Arrecha Records, Troy Denari, D-Malice courtesy of DM Recordings, Dj Deep SA and Smallz courtesy of Ziyawamo, Salvatore Agrossi, Heavy K and Point 5.


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