14 Years & Still Producing Quality Music, “Spiritchaser Presents Chronos”

Spiritchaser - Chronos

Spiritchaser – Chronos

Since the late 90’s, Spiritchaser have remained consistent as one of dance music’s leading partnerships. They have not only embraced the changing face of the music industry but also played a part in the shaping of modern house music with their unique style and combination of song and sound.

In 2005, their spiritual home Guess Records was launched and a new chapter was underway. Sister label to the successful Duffnote and One51 imprints, Guess provided a new platform for them to fine-tune their musical aspirations and the Spiritchaser sound. Their debut album “1440” introduced the beginnings of a collaboration with vocalist Emily Cook and Daniel Jones (Est8) which in 2011, took South Africa by storm with the smash hit “These Tears” topping the charts for 9 weeks and continued for some 38 weeks in the Media Guide top 10. This partnership further resulted in the album “Tears in the rain” which was released in South Africa in 2012.

“Chronos” encapsulates the years passed and present and with a combination of some old favourites, exclusive new material, un-released mixes and re-edits giving the concept of a “best of” album a real twist.

 The album can be sampled below:


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