The Moodyfreaks Present “The Evolution Of African House”

The Moodyfreaks The Evolution Of African House

The Moodyfreaks The Evolution Of African House

Soulful People Records Presents a Package Sought and well Produced Compilation Album, This Is Not The Moodyfreaks debut album but A Soulful People Records Compilation Album Mixed & Presented by The Moodyfreaks, One Of its own kind. From Soulful House and yes Deep House Is also featured, This Package Includes South Africa’s Finest Producers and Remixers. For Track licensing email:

The Moodyfreaks are a South African Based House duo Of DJ’s & Producers. A duo found in June 2010, they Produce House music with a noted difference, adding they also Produce progressive & Lounge Music. Namely Lloyd Molefe and Melvin Baloyi.They are currently Under Soulful People Records. They have worked with an endless list of artists from the United States (Donald Sheffey), France (FrankyBoissy), United Kingdom (Spiritchaser), Italy (Loris Conte) & a couple of South African artists.

Inspired by the French Duo The Moodyfreaks Have proved against all odds of the quality of their music through Sheer dedication, they Have released a total of Five (5) EP’s & about 09 Worldwide, With their 1st Single In 2011 titled “Yes They Do” Featuring the Voice of Donald Sheffey, which was widely received In Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland & France and also Charted Number 12 For 6 weeks On the Swedish Top 40 House/Dance Charts.

Their second EP was titled “Mummified Bootlegs” Which was a total different New style to the normal Moodyfreaks Production, One Single From The Package titled “African Subway was charted On the Afrodesiamp3 Top 100 at number 95 For 2 weeks following the 3rd release of a single titled “Sensing Silence” Which Was received In the Public eye as appealing from the introduction of their new Production. On 03 May 2012 they released their 4th Single “Wonderful” Featuring Donald Sheffey, the Single Peaked at number 55 on traxsource and number 60 On beatport top 100 With the mummified at number 58 On iTunes, number 19 For 5 Weeks on Afrodesiamp3. The single reinstated The Moodyfreaks On top of the map as consistent & Credible Band / Producers. The single Went on to be compiled In a House Afrika Compilation which was released on 19 August 2012, It Has Been Play listed& Charted In over 36 Countries & Over 56 Radio Stations Worldwide, With a Follow Up The Moodyfreaks Yet released their 5th EP titled “Rio EP” With tracks Such As “He Is”, “Into Galaxies”, “Distant People” & “Rio”, The song “Distant People” received a lot Of support worldwide as yet again They had introduced themselves with a new genre, Lounge / chill out song, they Peaked at number 11 For 6 consecutive weeks On the traxsource top 100. With much being Said, they had confirmed on twitter about Working on a debut album, much is anticipated From the South African duo.

 One of the featured tracks can be sampled below:

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