Glenn Fiasco Presents “Deep Down South EP Vol 1”.

Glenn Fiasco - Deep Down South EP Vol 1

Glenn Fiasco – Deep Down South EP Vol 1

Glenn Fiasco has been said to be so deep underground, he is on his own. Glenn Fiasco, known for his underground deep and soulful house music is back with some tight production illustrious of his over 10 years experience in the music industry. In 2005 he started producing deep and soulful house which characterised most of Mofunk Records music until 2009. After some deep sleep he comes back with bangers which will be released in his EP series dubbed Ungerground Shakers. He music reverberates in underground clubs around the world!! Glenn Fiasco is indeed back. He is back at Mofunk Records with his touch of uncompromising deep and underground that sees many dancefloors worldwide earthquake to his beat. Dangerously rocking beats. Not for the faint hearted. #AnotherMofunkRecordsDelivery


Youtube Channel: Mofunk Records

Soundclouds: Mofunk Records

Facebook: Mofunk Records – South Africa

One of the featured tracks can be sampled below:

Glenn Fiasco ft Aubrey – HouseHead Theme (Angifuni Main Mix)

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