Deepforest SA Present “Jungle Fever Volume 1 Mixed By Wishingsoul”

Jungle Fever Volume 1 Mixed By Wishingsoul

Jungle Fever Volume 1 Mixed By Wishingsoul

Wishingsoul is known for his world wild mixes that were titled Food For The Soul . Through this mixes it saw him building an audience local and abroad . Late 2011 saw Jaguar Paw recruiting him to join the stable (DeepforestSA) ever since he has been growing as brand in the local market . 2013 has become the year were DeepforestSA as a label offered him a chance to tell his story through a compilation titled ” Jungle Fever ” .

This is going to be one of those rare home brewed production . It showcases the talent of SA very young and promising producers , the likes of Darque famously know know for his hit Differences released under Andy Compton’s PENG label and Inhliziyo Yam’ which was on Jaguar Paw’s Deepforest Sessions Vol.1 . This Compilation also include the ever so funky Dj Fortee , the deep sounds orientated Lele X , the rising deep tech guru ‘Roque’ , the talented duo ‘Antique’ , the sound general ‘Muskidd’ , the wonder kid ‘ Landy’ . This Compilation also includes voices of Kaylow , Damon , Danny Dug , Rethabile , Yasmeen Seydi , Kenny Allen.

This is Wishingsoul’s first CD offering and it is guranteed to be one of those compilation that is gonna have dance floors buzzing with excitement.

 Below you can sample the album:

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