Elements Of Life Presents “Eclipse”

Elements Of Life - Eclipse

Elements Of Life – Eclipse

Louie Vega’s critically acclaimed live orchestral project Elements Of Life makes a welcome return. ‘Eclipse’ features 17 brand new tracks covering Afrobeat, Jazz, Latin, Soul, Brazilian and World Music all woven with Louie’s golden touch. Includes the single ‘Children Of The World’ and covers of ‘Harlem River Drive’ and ‘Barbara Ann’ to name but a few. The second disc includes ‘EOL Soulfritoâ’a homage to Fania Records through interpretations and remixes of classics. Fania songs performed by the Elements Of Life in a 33-minute sound collage as well as six more bonus tracks. Louie Vega connected with the legendary Fania Records after doing the smash club remix of his uncle Hector Lavoe’s “Mi Gente” track back in 2008. Louie elaborates, “At that time I started working on my new Elements Of Life album.

Fania was already aware of my previous E.O.L. albums and when they got wind, they wanted to hear it. Once they heard it, they were very interested in signing it. I was in awe of the idea.” He concludes, “It’s a true honor for me to be the first new artist album signed to Fania Records in years. It really comes full circle now, being able to be on the label my uncle Hector Lavoe was on and the Fania All Stars who are also great inspirations for me. Fania Records is to Latin music what Motown is to R&B and Soul, so to be even a small page in this encyclopedia of music is a dream come true for me.”

Josh Milan, Lisa Fischer, Cindy Mizell, Anane and Ursula Rucker provide the vocals backed by a multitude of great musicians.

If you liked the Nuyorican Soul project this one is for you.

This essential uplifting album is good time music with that feel good factor, strong contender for album of the year.

 Below you can sample the album:


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