Euphonik Presents “DJ Essentials”

Euphonik Presents DJ Essentials

Euphonik Presents DJ Essentials

Euphonik has come back with a compilation of amazing House Music. This is surely to be festive favorite. It takes you on a journey of music bliss. DJ Essentials is 3CD’s of unmixed favorites and current hits from the master of the dance floor, Euphonik. Disc 1 is deep & soulful, disc 2 is all about the big room hits and disc 3 is tools and accapella’s for the technical DJ.

Themba Mbongeni Nkosi, otherwise known as Euphonik Is A south africa-born dj/producer. He was so inspired by DJ Fresh’s Album Fresh House Flava 1 that he decided to pursue a career in music.He started DJing at house parties, later joined the Soul Candi crew, and along with Tumi Mokitlane & Khensani ”DJ Kent” Mabaso they started the group Kentphonik. Later, Euphonik left the group but they are all still part of the SoulCandi crew and has completed a degree in marketing, at the University of Johannesburg and also started Euphonik Productions.

The album features artists such as Fistaz Mixwell to the likes of Nathan Mayor. Below you can sample the song by Nathan Mayor. It’s produced by Nathan Mayor (Dj Stiks) and sung by Idol’s Kelly Fortuin, both South Africans.


One response

  1. Litaninja

    Any information on how to get hold of the 3 discs?
    dj SoniQ

    November 20, 2013 at 8:06 am

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