Gabbana Da Deejay Presents “God Given Grooves”

Gabbana Da Deejay – God Given Grooves

Gabbana Da Deejay – God Given Grooves

LGabbana Da Deejay is a young South African Deep House producer based in mpumalanga in a small township named Vaalbank . He started music at and an early age and showd a precocious talent for music at the age of 14 while in primary school . Gabbanas love for music started back in the 90’s when he started collecting cassette tapes , at that time he was still lost in Genres , he listened to everything from kwaito , house , pop , rhythm and blues etc , his personal favourite was house music at that time . Although the market for House Music was still very small at that time , he chose house music as a genre of choice .The South African house music market started growing in the year 2000 and that’s when deep house music started playing on radios and televisions , “we only had a few house music producers at that time , so compilation albums where really popular at that time ” .

We all know Gabbana for his international Deep House / Techno sound , “I never really chose my sound , I guess its because of all the compilation albums I listened to in my childhood , they carried a lot of international content from/by the likes of Jimpster , Daft Punk , Yapacc , Osanlade , Atjazz e.t.c ” , that’s how the love for Deep House music grew on this young maestro . Gabbana is what you would call , a techno head , a geek or a nerd , or atleast he used to be ,”I have always been a huge fan of tv games and computer games back in primary school , I played everything from Nintendo , Sega to Computer games . I wasn’t really born with a silver spoon nor a bronze spoon , I remember asking my mom to get me a personal computer but unfortunately that wasn’t going to happen becuase she was unemployed at that time , that’s until she finally managed to get a job at a local school as a clerk . She made sure I don’t get to miss out on my childhood and got me the computer box which I have been nagging for , that’s when I discovered FL Studio ” . Gabbana has been making music for the past 7-8 years , he has worked with the likes of Monocles and Slezz , Dj Spice T , Gemini Boys e.t.c and has remixed for Dolls Combers , Tekniq , Chymamusique , Paso Doble and more local and international acts .

 Below you can sample of the tracks:


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