Infinite Boys Presents “The Journey”

Infinite Boys - The Journey

Infinite Boys – The Journey

Dynamic Duo Brothers of Raphael Thulane Mabaso born in 1987 and Antony Sandile Mabaso born in 1988 from the Eastern side of Johannesburg, Ekurhuleni.After having deejayed for five years,they decided in 2005 to become music producers like their influences Louie Vega, Ralf Gum, Quentin Harris, Franck Roger, Oskido, Bruce, Black Coffee and of course with the help of ASE(Academic of Sound Engineering).

Infinite Boys as the stage name came after this magnificient brothers realised that their passion, love, ambition, reliability and the enthusiasm for music isn’t gonna end.They live life through composing and writing music.Infinite Boys now has a huge and dedicated following, not just in their hometown of Ekurhuleni, but also across South Africa and abroad – their sounds reflect a rare versatility,with the mixture of dub, lounge and african elments.

Music is not a new passion for the Infinite Boys however: after studying the music production for three years, this dynamic duo brothers started writing and composing song at the tender age of 16 and 17. They used everything that made a sound around the house to write on before they even picked up the keyboards. Music, truth be told, was never far from their minds.They always knew it was a matter of time until they started to write and compose songs, cause in every place they went, their first stop was always the music store/local pubs, where they discovered new types of music. All those different genres have influenced the songwriters and composers they are today.

 Below you can sample the album:

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  1. Drt

    Nice Tracks.

    November 13, 2013 at 9:01 am

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