Culoe De Song Is Back With “Exodus”

Culoe De Song - Exodus

Culoe De Song – Exodus

The time has finally come for the return of Culoe De Song to the limelight with his album entitled “Exodus”. This album is causing waves in the house scene and is surely here to be gracing everyone’s ears for a long time to come. The studio album from well esteemed DJ and producer Culoe De Song is certainly worth purchasing. This new album which features the likes of Thandi Draai, Soulstar, Shota, Khanyo Maphumulo, Happy, Ternielle Nelson, Kabomo & Moneoa.

 Culoe De Song has really shown his passion for music , let alone House music which he’s known for and he has dug deep to give people something that will stand the test of time musically. Get Ready for The Deep Sound Of Africa!

Below you can sample a track from the album:

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