Djeff Graces Us With Soldier Ascension

Djeff Afrozila - Soldier Ascension

Djeff Afrozila – Soldier Ascension

Soldier Ascension’ has been made in Angola, where Djeff is a DJ, producer and TV presenter, but this is not an Angolan album. It’s bigger and bolder than that, not defined or confined by national borders, and too 21st century in style and execution to be tarred with the ‘World Music’ brush.
Rather this is an album of beautiful, sophisticated, cosmopolitan tracks that could loosely be described as Afro-house while effortlessly incorporating elements of so many different musical styles that Djeff has heard and been inspired by growing up in Portugal and Angola, and on his travels as a DJ.

From the beautiful balladry of ‘One Night’ to the raucous, hi-life flavoured hedonism of ‘Mutakala’ and from the gorgeous Portuguese vocals on ‘Cuza Di Terra’ and ‘Esse Mambo’ to the pounding beats and horns of ‘Celebration’, which was made with the house dancers of New York in mind, ‘Soldier Ascension’ is a spectacular collection.

Reviews from fellow DJs are shown below:

Josh Milan – DJeff is fast becoming one of my go to guys when I need something to pick my set up! Very talented man. I love it!
Marques Wyatt – Tight Release, feelin it!
Mr V – To be honest it’s really hard to pick one….. Djeff is just quickly developing himself in the house scene to be the next big thing if he isn’t already!. PROPER HOUSE!!!
Boddhi Satva – Djeff is by far one of the most talented producer from the new generation bringing nothing hits after hits. Full support as always.
Tony Humphries – Nice afro-deep tracks!
Afshin Djoon Experience – This soldier will be general soon ; )
Rancido – DONE! great promo pack! will def support
Greg Gauthier – really DOPE!

Below you can sample a track from the album:

Djeff Afrozila – Soldier Ascension

Djeff Afrozila Soundcloud Album Preview


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