“Monate Events” African House Advocates

Monate Events

Monate Events

London has seen a surge in the love for South African House Music over the past year with many articles being released such as the one presented by Lebo Diseko for the BBC entitled “African House influencing British musicians”. The clip highlights how Southern African Music has joined the mainstream club scene and also the underground scene over the past few months. Monate Events has been at the forefront of fusing South African House Music with Main Stream House Music. A previous article posted on this website “Monate Sundae” The Home Away From Home goes to highlight the work that has been taking place. Monate Events thrives on bringing the Southern African sound to the masses both new and old to the House Music scene. The resident Djs at Monate events consist of a formidable trio consisting of ADA Awards African House DJ 2013 recipient Limbzo Housa and upcoming South African DJ Logic Senya whose  spear headed by Khaya Deep & Mzi Sokani.

Monate Events concept has seen the House masses cultivate and embrace 2013 summer weekends by partying away to the fortnightly “Monate Sundaes” event. These events saw artists and DJs such as Marissa Guzman, Candice McKenzie, and Aluku Rebels amongst others add to the cache of vibrant house music flavour the Monate Events endeavours to create at each event. The finale of “Monate Sundaes” at the end of summer left a thirst for revellers who enjoyed an interactive yet revelrous vibe. The peoples support and eagerness to attend future events was apparent by requests for future invites. In turn Monate Events has returned with a blowout line-up of house legends The Layabouts and Superstar vocalist Shea Soul and Atjazz record company wizard of the decks DJ Tipz to kickoff the December festive mood at Islington’s Anam Bar.

Persistence and abstract methods has proved vital to Monate Events success and without giving away too much the masses can look forward to some quality events and in the company of like minded revellers. Upcoming South African DJ Logic Senya is set to make his presence felt making for an interesting year in 2014 for the UK House Scene. Monate Events is certainly the place to be if you’re looking for a sophisticated and vibrant crowd who simply love music.

Below is an example of the kind of sound one would expect to hear from a Monate Event.


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