DeepforestSA Entertainment Presents “DeepforestSA Unmixed”


DeepforestSA Unmixed 

From the capable hands of DeepforestSA family comes the Deepforest Unmixed 2xCD first instalment, dropping on your very own DeepforestSA – the same label that has natured and has been relevant to deep house as their culture.

Deepforest Unmixed first instalment is the first stable album DFSA has debut, the 20 tracks will feature various favourites from Roque, Darque, Toxic, CubiqueDJ, Jaguar Paw and voices from Kenny Allen, Holi M, Claudia Rech and Howard just to mention a few. DeepforestSA hopes South Africa is ready for this massive album.

You have heard his sets, podcasts, and album Deepforest sessions vol.1 but this man Jaguar Paw, has many talents besides those mentioned above. He has done his very own song called ‘I CARE featuring Holi M’. Be sure to hear this tune in your speakers near you.

Below you can sample the album:


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