Andyboi Explodes With This Beautiful “Trail Evolution”

Andyboi - Trail Evolution

Andyboi – Trail Evolution

As a talented vocalist, songwriter, producer and DJ; Andyboi is officially launching his debut album. “Trail Evolution” features 12 original Andyboi tracks which are each uniquely laced with his mesmerizing vocals, spiced up with captivating instrumentals and tied together by the skillful production of the highly regarded Cuebur. The 13th offering is an Andyboi remix of Cuebur’s track “No Doubt” featuring Marissa Guzman.

Referring to the album as a true reflection of who he is and the story of his life; Andyboi claims to draw inspiration from his life experiences and those who are closest to him, saying “the good and bad things that I’ve been through in my life and the memories of this incredible journey inspires me”. Offering fans a versatile album filled with different styles of music and a number of languages; Andyboi says he is all about House. Including Afro, Soul, Deep and Electronic flavours allows him to cater for all lovers of dance music.

The first single off the album is already doing well – not only locally but internationally as well. Andyboi and Cuebur performed to a crowd of over 25,000 people in Angola in the month of April where the track “Emhlabeni” was well received. It even reached the number one spot on Angola’s hit station MixFM. It also took the number one position on South Africa’s YFM. As an indication of the album’s success, the signs couldn’t be clearer.

A diverse album offering feel-good tracks that are sure to keep you on your feet all night long; there is no doubt that Andyboi has created an impactful album for his debut release

Below you sample the album:

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