Cubique Blesses Us With Something “Alter Native”

Cubique - Alater Native

Cubique – Alter Native

Thulani Mabena aka “Cubique DJ CB” (An African Deep, Soulful House, Hip Hop Producer) and DJ. Hailing from a musical family, Thulani is highly influenced by his cousins Nathan Xulu, Mteya Xulu & father Calvin Xulu.

20 Years of Age, Born & Raised in Middelburg MP South Africa. Expresses Thoughts & Feelings Through The Inevitable World of Music. Evolving with the technology playing from the vinyl- era up to the digital- era. Treating every DJ Set and music production as a spiritual journey.

Cubique’s album offers a soulful taste of house music. One cannot resist the melodies and harmonies this very young talented producer has put together. The main tracks to look out for are “Let me (what is soul), Reason to stay, Ms. Divine (Cubique DJ Sauces Mix), Ngixolele and the popular first single release of the album Low”.

Below Deep Forest Brings You Cubique DJ’s Debut Album “Alter Native”.

A soulful yet dancefloor filling self-composed album.
Check out the preview.

1. “Let Me (What Is Soul)” Feat. Denny Dugg
2. “Reason To Stay” Feat. I Am X
3. “Zoi” Feat. Troy Denari
4. “Ms. Divine (Cubique DJ Sauces Mix)” Feat. Niqco & Ras Vadah
5. “Season In Time” Feat. Deuce Concept & Garth Brown
6. “King” Feat. Jasmine Clemente –
7. “Blue Black Winter” Feat. Ras Vadah
8. “Low” Feat. Denny Dugg
9. “Ngixolele” Feat. Komfort Blendz
10. “Wating In Vain” Feat. McGee Keys & Troy Denari
11. “ReSauceFul”
12. “Lurid” Feat. Roque

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