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Donald Graces The Masses With “Black And White”

Donald - Black And White

Donald – Black And White

Donald has come back with a double disc album. The second album comprises of an acoustic version of the first album. The eleven track album features two of the industries formidable artists, Bucie & Big Nuz. This album has already seen great anticepation after the artist announced he would collaborating American R&B Star Kenny Lattimore on the track entitled “Spirit”.

For those who would like a glimpse of the quality of work on the album should click at the video below to see the brilliance behind South Africa’s own R&B sensation. Donald started off as Afro-Soul singer and has transitioned to the R&B scene which has been a welcomed breath of fresh air to the South African R&B scene. Donald has truly grown musically and is set for greatness if he continues to produce this quality of work.

Below you can sample a track from the album:

Donald – Crazy But Amazing

DukeSoul Presents “Homemade”

DukeSoul Presents Homemade

DukeSoul - Homemade

Vusi Sikhupelo aka DukeSoul, who’s based in Kimberley, South Africa is back with another sultry seduction of the finest Deep Soulful House. DukeSoul serenaded the masses with his previous releases. With tracks such as “Loud Silence, Cure & The Cause Remix and Call Tyrone “, just to name a few.

His next installment is entitled “Homemade” which undoubtedly emphasizes the raw talent and unique sounds that will grace our musical palate. The Homemade album is an unmixed album. DukeSoul formulated this 11 song album with 4 vocal tracks, 1 spoken word track and 6 of his unique improvisations.

 Below you can sample a track from the album. The track is entitled “The Blue Note”, it has already been embraced in the House scene. If this track is anything to go by then 2014 is truly going to be a big year for Vusi Sikhupelo aka DukeSoul.

Andy Compton Presents “Ubuntu”

Andy Compton - Ubuntu

Andy Compton – Ubuntu

Deeply prolific Bristol-based house connoisseur Andy Compton has released over a 25 albums and close to 150 EPs (either under his own name or as part of The Rurals) on his essential Peng label and imprints like GOGO Music,Large, Seasons, Viva, etc.

Andy Compton has generally turned heads and twisted bodies with his thumping brew of electronic beats swathed in coolly-crafted melodies, with Peng becoming one of the premiere labels on the planet, garnering support from house big-hitters like Louie Vega, Larry Heard, Mark Farina and Osunlade.

Ubuntu is Andy Compton’s latest masterpiece, Ubuntu meaning “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”
Andy’s move to Bristol,UK has had a heavy influence to his sound, as he’s now using more local vocalists and musicians, bringing some new flavours.
The album features vocalists Celestine, Ziyon, Nathaniel Lewis, Diviniti & Eric King, Sabrina Chyld, Ladybird, and Rowan.
The vibe moves from the soulful sound you’d expect from The Rurals to the deeper edge of Andy’s house productions, taking you on a beautiful musical journey.

The lead track from ‘Ubuntu’, the latest release from South African house producer Andy Compton can be sampled below:

DeepforestSA Entertainment Presents “DeepforestSA Unmixed”


DeepforestSA Unmixed 

From the capable hands of DeepforestSA family comes the Deepforest Unmixed 2xCD first instalment, dropping on your very own DeepforestSA – the same label that has natured and has been relevant to deep house as their culture.

Deepforest Unmixed first instalment is the first stable album DFSA has debut, the 20 tracks will feature various favourites from Roque, Darque, Toxic, CubiqueDJ, Jaguar Paw and voices from Kenny Allen, Holi M, Claudia Rech and Howard just to mention a few. DeepforestSA hopes South Africa is ready for this massive album.

You have heard his sets, podcasts, and album Deepforest sessions vol.1 but this man Jaguar Paw, has many talents besides those mentioned above. He has done his very own song called ‘I CARE featuring Holi M’. Be sure to hear this tune in your speakers near you.

Below you can sample the album:

DJ Clock’s Six Disc House Delight in the “4th Tick “

DJ Clock - 4th Tick

DJ Clock – 4th Tick

DJ Clock’s new offering titled The Fourth Tick : A Clockumentary. DJ Clock has risen the stakes with this latest offering as the album is a 6 CD album, representing the 3 year sabbatical break that he took from music. The album features the likes of Professor, Character, Khanyo, Thebe, Beatenburg to name but a few. The Clockumentary offers a host of genres Afro-house, Soul, jazz, deep under-ground, Durban kwaito. DJ Clock has touched upon all loved genres of House music to showcase his amazing talent.

Below you can sample a track from the album:

Winnie Khumalo Back With “Higher and Higher”

Winnie Khumalo - Higher and Higher

Winnie Khumalo – Higher and Higher

Winnie Khumalo a Soweto born singer who was born at 681 Mofolo North Soweto in 1973- 07-20 ‘studied at Vuyo Lower primary then at Esiyalwin Higher primary then matriculated at Mncube Senior secondary school was introduced to the music industry at the tender age of 15 when she released albums like Hey Laitie, Tshina Tshina (Produced by Sello Chicco Twala) and an album titles Dlamini in the 1980s. Winnie Khumalo also recorded a gospel album titled Izono Zami in the 1990s produced by Pastor Langa Dube.

Her last recording titled “I just wanna live my life” had South Africa singing along to the title track and earned her a fanbase much bigger and more excited than the one she enjoyed in the 80s with her hit track ” Hey laitie” .
She is back with another recording. Cooked and served by Kalawa Jazmee Records – Winnie Khumalo’s latest recording is a tribute to the late, great Brenda Fassie who played a huge role in Khumalo’s career and remains her best mentor. in studio to tell us more about higher and higher is Winnie Khumalo herself.

Below you can sample a track from the album:

Soul Candi Presents South African House Beats

Soul Candi Presents South African House Beats

Soul Candi Presents South African House Beats

South African House Beats is a compilation of the best producers coming out of our beloved country. These beats were selected and mixed by the Soul Candi team for world wide release, now get dancing to the best of what South Africa has to offer.

Below you can sample a the album mix preview:

Hood Natives Present DJ Fale’s “Soweto Deluxe Vol.1″

DJ Fale - Soweto Deluxe Vol.1

DJ Fale – Soweto Deluxe Vol.1

Dj Fale began producing music in his backroom studio in Soweto way back in 2006. He originally started producing Hip Hop beats influenced by the likes of Jay Z, Talib Kweli, Hi Tec and Kanye West. By 2007 his love for dance music grew and he became a part of a well known production group Hood Natives. In 2008 he attended the DJU SAMC, an event hosted by a number of SA House Music legends at Wits. This is where his career took off and from there on he has never looked back.

Fale has built himself a strong reputation as a Producer and is known for his exclusive style of tribal beats and energetic rhythms. His first release was ‘Come Dance ft Jodi Gold, released on Shelter Rec’ QT quantized 4 with Dj Fresca. Going straight to number 1 with his second release under the banner of hood natives was ‘Come with me’ ft atom and G Cleff which topped the yfm urban countdown chart. In 2011 teaming up with SA legend DJ Ganyani a deep house club album was released via the ganyani entertainment family to critical acclaim.

It’s fair to say DJ Fale is without doubt one of SA’s rising talents, entertaining behind the decks with his energetic style heavily steeped in his south African roots and influences.

Below you can sample tracks from his previous work:

Djeff Graces Us With Soldier Ascension

Djeff Afrozila - Soldier Ascension

Djeff Afrozila – Soldier Ascension

Soldier Ascension’ has been made in Angola, where Djeff is a DJ, producer and TV presenter, but this is not an Angolan album. It’s bigger and bolder than that, not defined or confined by national borders, and too 21st century in style and execution to be tarred with the ‘World Music’ brush.
Rather this is an album of beautiful, sophisticated, cosmopolitan tracks that could loosely be described as Afro-house while effortlessly incorporating elements of so many different musical styles that Djeff has heard and been inspired by growing up in Portugal and Angola, and on his travels as a DJ.

From the beautiful balladry of ‘One Night’ to the raucous, hi-life flavoured hedonism of ‘Mutakala’ and from the gorgeous Portuguese vocals on ‘Cuza Di Terra’ and ‘Esse Mambo’ to the pounding beats and horns of ‘Celebration’, which was made with the house dancers of New York in mind, ‘Soldier Ascension’ is a spectacular collection.

Reviews from fellow DJs are shown below:

Josh Milan – DJeff is fast becoming one of my go to guys when I need something to pick my set up! Very talented man. I love it!
Marques Wyatt – Tight Release, feelin it!
Mr V – To be honest it’s really hard to pick one….. Djeff is just quickly developing himself in the house scene to be the next big thing if he isn’t already!. PROPER HOUSE!!!
Boddhi Satva – Djeff is by far one of the most talented producer from the new generation bringing nothing hits after hits. Full support as always.
Tony Humphries – Nice afro-deep tracks!
Afshin Djoon Experience – This soldier will be general soon ; )
Rancido – DONE! great promo pack! will def support
Greg Gauthier – really DOPE!

Below you can sample a track from the album:

Djeff Afrozila – Soldier Ascension

Djeff Afrozila Soundcloud Album Preview

DJ Sabza Presents “Viceroy 5 Makoya Mix”

DJ Sabza - Viceroy 5 Makoya Mix

DJ Sabza – Viceroy 5 Makoya Mix

After spending the year on the road searching through four regions of the country looking for the next Viceroy 5 Makoya Mix champ. In 2012 saw DJ Sabza win the prestige title. This Mix showcases the work has since gone on in the background.

Twitter: @Deejay_Sabza033 

Below you can sample a the current 2013 top finalists to help highlight what to expect from the album:

Lynx Presents In Out C.H.I.N.A.

Lynx - In Out China

Lynx – In Out China

When Lynx goes wild at studio this is the outcome of it. The release is inspired by all the Chinese movies he had been watching while growing up. The release is supported by a wonderful broken beat remix by Lazy Les and a deep urban beat Hope La Tee for the underground house heads. The single highlights what happens when your watching some kung-fu movies and making a track. I honestly do not know what the ninja is saying but it sounds like some wise words.

Below you can sample the track:

Culoe De Song Is Back With “Exodus”

Culoe De Song - Exodus

Culoe De Song – Exodus

The time has finally come for the return of Culoe De Song to the limelight with his album entitled “Exodus”. This album is causing waves in the house scene and is surely here to be gracing everyone’s ears for a long time to come. The studio album from well esteemed DJ and producer Culoe De Song is certainly worth purchasing. This new album which features the likes of Thandi Draai, Soulstar, Shota, Khanyo Maphumulo, Happy, Ternielle Nelson, Kabomo & Moneoa.

 Culoe De Song has really shown his passion for music , let alone House music which he’s known for and he has dug deep to give people something that will stand the test of time musically. Get Ready for The Deep Sound Of Africa!

Below you can sample a track from the album:

Tribe Presents Sai & Ribatone Stunning “Avenue Of Dreams”

Sai & Ribatone - Avenue Of Dreams

Sai & Ribatone ft Thiwe – Avenue Of Dreams

TTribe Records is excited to present a five-star package from South African stars Sai & Ribatone (whose track ‘Tonite’ was released as Tribe 042) which features remixes by some of the legends of house music alongside rising-star producers.

Sai & Ribatone combined their vocal, DJing and production skills many years ago in Soweto and have been producing successfully since they released their ‘Sunday Showers’ anthem in 2007. Sai & Ribatone’s original mix of Avenue of Dreams is a characteristically warm, slow-burning track with richly-layered vocal harmonies by Thiwe and lyrics encouraging proactive positivity!

Larry Heard is one of the first names in house music in every sense, having produced pioneering dance music in Chicago since before the rest of the world were aware of the Warehouse club. He’s deejayed all over the world for decades, but he doesn’t try to turn every track into a dancefloor banger, instead setting up a lovely conga drum pattern and subtly adding building keyboard lines and synth riffs around the vocal to create a beautifully sophisticated track.

Timmy Regisford’s ‘Bump’ remix delivers on the promise in its name, with a truly chunky bass line to bump along to. Regisford’s career has spanned a few decades too, and he brings all that experience of New York’s Shelter to drive up the temp and the energy of this tune while still allowing the message of the vocal to shine.

Will ‘Reel Soul’ Rodriquez was born in 1984 but made up for being so much younger by being a child prodigy who was already collecting vinyl aged 4 and playing his first DJ gig at the age of 11. Reelsoul’s production skills first surfaced on Frankie Feliciano’s Ricanstruction Records but since 2008 he’s been a prolific producer and remixer on Mr V’s Sole Channel label. There’s plenty of heft in his remix too, and we really love the jazzy piano breaks towards the end.

QB Smith is a DJ, producer, composer and broadcaster who’s a London native but has been based in Johannesburg for over 2 years. Warm Days and We Love, and here he cleverly uses piano and electric guitar riffs to foreground the deep and soulful elements of the track in QB’s Slightly Hotter Remix. Below you can sample one of the amazing remixes:

Crazy White Boy Presents “Ghetto Tech”

Crazy White Boy Ghetto Tech

Crazy White Boy Ghetto Tech

Crazy White Boy is made up of Ryan Murgatroyd and Konstantinos “Kosta” Karatamoglou, two highly talented music producers/DJs with over fifteen years of combined music production experience. Before teaming up, both producers were actively involved in the global music scene and they both have a lot to boast about. Cape Town duo Crazy White Boy have released a new album which they call “Ghetto Tech”.

Below you can sample the album:

Deepforest SA Present “Jungle Fever Volume 1 Mixed By Wishingsoul”

Jungle Fever Volume 1 Mixed By Wishingsoul

Jungle Fever Volume 1 Mixed By Wishingsoul

Wishingsoul is known for his world wild mixes that were titled Food For The Soul . Through this mixes it saw him building an audience local and abroad . Late 2011 saw Jaguar Paw recruiting him to join the stable (DeepforestSA) ever since he has been growing as brand in the local market . 2013 has become the year were DeepforestSA as a label offered him a chance to tell his story through a compilation titled ” Jungle Fever ” .

This is going to be one of those rare home brewed production . It showcases the talent of SA very young and promising producers , the likes of Darque famously know know for his hit Differences released under Andy Compton’s PENG label and Inhliziyo Yam’ which was on Jaguar Paw’s Deepforest Sessions Vol.1 . This Compilation also include the ever so funky Dj Fortee , the deep sounds orientated Lele X , the rising deep tech guru ‘Roque’ , the talented duo ‘Antique’ , the sound general ‘Muskidd’ , the wonder kid ‘ Landy’ . This Compilation also includes voices of Kaylow , Damon , Danny Dug , Rethabile , Yasmeen Seydi , Kenny Allen.

This is Wishingsoul’s first CD offering and it is guranteed to be one of those compilation that is gonna have dance floors buzzing with excitement.

 Below you can sample the album:

Infinite Boys Presents “The Journey”

Infinite Boys - The Journey

Infinite Boys – The Journey

Dynamic Duo Brothers of Raphael Thulane Mabaso born in 1987 and Antony Sandile Mabaso born in 1988 from the Eastern side of Johannesburg, Ekurhuleni.After having deejayed for five years,they decided in 2005 to become music producers like their influences Louie Vega, Ralf Gum, Quentin Harris, Franck Roger, Oskido, Bruce, Black Coffee and of course with the help of ASE(Academic of Sound Engineering).

Infinite Boys as the stage name came after this magnificient brothers realised that their passion, love, ambition, reliability and the enthusiasm for music isn’t gonna end.They live life through composing and writing music.Infinite Boys now has a huge and dedicated following, not just in their hometown of Ekurhuleni, but also across South Africa and abroad – their sounds reflect a rare versatility,with the mixture of dub, lounge and african elments.

Music is not a new passion for the Infinite Boys however: after studying the music production for three years, this dynamic duo brothers started writing and composing song at the tender age of 16 and 17. They used everything that made a sound around the house to write on before they even picked up the keyboards. Music, truth be told, was never far from their minds.They always knew it was a matter of time until they started to write and compose songs, cause in every place they went, their first stop was always the music store/local pubs, where they discovered new types of music. All those different genres have influenced the songwriters and composers they are today.

 Below you can sample the album:

Gabbana Da Deejay Presents “God Given Grooves”

Gabbana Da Deejay – God Given Grooves

Gabbana Da Deejay – God Given Grooves

LGabbana Da Deejay is a young South African Deep House producer based in mpumalanga in a small township named Vaalbank . He started music at and an early age and showd a precocious talent for music at the age of 14 while in primary school . Gabbanas love for music started back in the 90′s when he started collecting cassette tapes , at that time he was still lost in Genres , he listened to everything from kwaito , house , pop , rhythm and blues etc , his personal favourite was house music at that time . Although the market for House Music was still very small at that time , he chose house music as a genre of choice .The South African house music market started growing in the year 2000 and that’s when deep house music started playing on radios and televisions , “we only had a few house music producers at that time , so compilation albums where really popular at that time ” .

We all know Gabbana for his international Deep House / Techno sound , “I never really chose my sound , I guess its because of all the compilation albums I listened to in my childhood , they carried a lot of international content from/by the likes of Jimpster , Daft Punk , Yapacc , Osanlade , Atjazz e.t.c ” , that’s how the love for Deep House music grew on this young maestro . Gabbana is what you would call , a techno head , a geek or a nerd , or atleast he used to be ,”I have always been a huge fan of tv games and computer games back in primary school , I played everything from Nintendo , Sega to Computer games . I wasn’t really born with a silver spoon nor a bronze spoon , I remember asking my mom to get me a personal computer but unfortunately that wasn’t going to happen becuase she was unemployed at that time , that’s until she finally managed to get a job at a local school as a clerk . She made sure I don’t get to miss out on my childhood and got me the computer box which I have been nagging for , that’s when I discovered FL Studio ” . Gabbana has been making music for the past 7-8 years , he has worked with the likes of Monocles and Slezz , Dj Spice T , Gemini Boys e.t.c and has remixed for Dolls Combers , Tekniq , Chymamusique , Paso Doble and more local and international acts .

 Below you can sample of the tracks:

Elements Of Life Presents “Eclipse”

Elements Of Life - Eclipse

Elements Of Life – Eclipse

Louie Vega’s critically acclaimed live orchestral project Elements Of Life makes a welcome return. ‘Eclipse’ features 17 brand new tracks covering Afrobeat, Jazz, Latin, Soul, Brazilian and World Music all woven with Louie’s golden touch. Includes the single ‘Children Of The World’ and covers of ‘Harlem River Drive’ and ‘Barbara Ann’ to name but a few. The second disc includes ‘EOL Soulfritoâ’a homage to Fania Records through interpretations and remixes of classics. Fania songs performed by the Elements Of Life in a 33-minute sound collage as well as six more bonus tracks. Louie Vega connected with the legendary Fania Records after doing the smash club remix of his uncle Hector Lavoe’s “Mi Gente” track back in 2008. Louie elaborates, “At that time I started working on my new Elements Of Life album.

Fania was already aware of my previous E.O.L. albums and when they got wind, they wanted to hear it. Once they heard it, they were very interested in signing it. I was in awe of the idea.” He concludes, “It’s a true honor for me to be the first new artist album signed to Fania Records in years. It really comes full circle now, being able to be on the label my uncle Hector Lavoe was on and the Fania All Stars who are also great inspirations for me. Fania Records is to Latin music what Motown is to R&B and Soul, so to be even a small page in this encyclopedia of music is a dream come true for me.”

Josh Milan, Lisa Fischer, Cindy Mizell, Anane and Ursula Rucker provide the vocals backed by a multitude of great musicians.

If you liked the Nuyorican Soul project this one is for you.

This essential uplifting album is good time music with that feel good factor, strong contender for album of the year.

 Below you can sample the album:

DJ Swizz Presents “Surreal Selection Volume 1″ By Da Capo

Da Capo - Surreal Selections

Da Capo – Surreal Selection Volume 1

Surreal Sounds has sought through it’s vaults to present its debut album. With production from South Africa’s rising talent, DA CAPO and upcoming, PUNK one can only expect nothing but heartfelt and deep sounds from the dynamic duo. Surreal Selections Vol. 1 is a must have, comprising of a new standard and tone the youngsters have set for themselves.

1. SK95 feat. Denzil & Rampage – Leaking Waters (Da Capo’s Surreal Experience)
2. Da Capo feat. Sphelele – Into The Night
3. Punk feat. Zothea – Be That Change
4. Da Capo & Punk feat. Lyrik Shoxen – Cross My Mind
5. Da Capo feat. Magic Soul – Why
6. Da Capo & Punk feat. Mark – Shine
7. The Soil – Joy (Da Capo’s Surreal Experience)
8. Da Capo & Rampage feat. Lee Anne King – Real People
9. Freshly Ground – Nomthandazo (Da Capo’s Freshly Ground Surreal Experience)
10. Da Capo & Cuebur – Sabir (Dub Tech)
11. Da Capo – Lets Play
12. Punk feat. Magic Soul – I Can Read Your Mind
13. Da Capo feat. Lwazi – How Can I

 Below you can sample the album:

Malankane Presents “House Blendz 3″

Malankane House Blendz 3

Malankane – House Blendz 3

Malankane started collecting vinyls back in 1996 and since then his never looked back. Malankane has played all around the country (South Africa) and in 2008 he released an album entitled “Deep House Chronicles Vol 1″.  DJ Malankane originally comes from East Rand (Daveyton) and subsequently moved to PTA aka Pretoria where he started his career. Malankane used to be a resident dj in 2003 at Horn of Africa in Sunnyside with likes of Paledi, Shaba, Makola. Malankane aslo used to work at Vinyl Shop in Sunnyside in 2002 (Deep K Records) owned by John Richmond and Yaniv. Malankane worked for Soulcandi Records in Sunnyside for Vinyls.

This album speaks volumes at how far Malankane has come in terms of his style and quality of work.

 Below you can sample the album:

Atjazz & Jullian Gomes Present “The Gift The Curse”

Atjazz & Jullian Gomes - The Gift The CurseAtjazz & Jullian Gomes – The Gift The Curse

The brand new album from UK house veteran ‘ATJAZZ’ and South Africa’s rising star ‘JULLiAN GOMES’ featuring the amzing vocal talents of – Osunlade, Clive Astin, Zano, Wunmi, Robert Owens, Zano & John Agesilas.

Ajtazz aka Martin Iveson moved from the North-East of England to the Midlands city of Derby in 1991 to take a position as in-house musician for the then fledgling video games company that went on to produce the massive ‘Tomb Raider’ series. Not content with sound tracking one of the world’s biggest computer games, Martin’s passion for music saw him set up his own studio and record label, from which he could give a free rein to his personal music aspirations and giove other like minded producers to ability to do the same.

Jullian Gomes was born and grew up in the Republic of South Africa listening to Soul, Latin and kwaito before discovering House Music at the tender age of eight.
Since his first gig in 2003, his career has traveled only upward, and his love for production and skill-set grew steadily with it. Alongside cousin, Michael G, he began the G.Family collective and has released on Top South African Independent labels including Soulcandi and House Afrika followed shortly by records on some of house musics most influential international labels such as Realtone Records, Foliage Records, Atjazz Record Company, Seasons limited, Deepershades Recordings and Earthrumental Music.
In 2010 he stepped off the shores of his home continent to participate at the Red Bull Music Academy, which took place in London.
He has since then been invited to play at several local festivals including Oppikoppi, Rocking the Daisies, Cape Town Electronic Music Festival and in 2011 was invited to play a dream slot at Sonar Festival 2011 in Barcelona, one of the most highly regarded music festivals in the world.

This is a Must Buy for any Deep House enthusiast out there.


01. Poor Man
02. Philosophy (feat. Osunlade)
03. Overshadowed (Album Version)
04. Turn Back To You (feat. Robert Owens)
05. AWI
06. Here To Stay (feat. Zano)
07. White Rose
08. Agbara (feat. Wunmi)
09. Breathe The Light (feat. Clive Astin)
10. Grow (feat. John Agesilas)

Euphonik Presents “DJ Essentials”

Euphonik Presents DJ Essentials

Euphonik Presents DJ Essentials

Euphonik has come back with a compilation of amazing House Music. This is surely to be festive favorite. It takes you on a journey of music bliss. DJ Essentials is 3CD’s of unmixed favorites and current hits from the master of the dance floor, Euphonik. Disc 1 is deep & soulful, disc 2 is all about the big room hits and disc 3 is tools and accapella’s for the technical DJ.

Themba Mbongeni Nkosi, otherwise known as Euphonik Is A south africa-born dj/producer. He was so inspired by DJ Fresh’s Album Fresh House Flava 1 that he decided to pursue a career in music.He started DJing at house parties, later joined the Soul Candi crew, and along with Tumi Mokitlane & Khensani ”DJ Kent” Mabaso they started the group Kentphonik. Later, Euphonik left the group but they are all still part of the SoulCandi crew and has completed a degree in marketing, at the University of Johannesburg and also started Euphonik Productions.

The album features artists such as Fistaz Mixwell to the likes of Nathan Mayor. Below you can sample the song by Nathan Mayor. It’s produced by Nathan Mayor (Dj Stiks) and sung by Idol’s Kelly Fortuin, both South Africans.

Lulo Cafe Presents “Soul Africa”

Lulo Cafe Presents Soul Africa

Lulo Cafe Presents Soul Africa

The time has finally come for the debut studio album from well esteemed DJ and now producer Lulo Cafe. This new album which features the likes of Black Motion, Moneoa, Donald and plenty more, ranging from a special vocalist hailing from Brazil named Lenna Bahule is sure to cause a stir judging from the live instrumentation for the production combined with attention to detail and love for each song which in turn creates a beautiful, warm, soothing sound for the soul hence the title of the album is “Soul Africa”. The video of one of the tracks from the album named “Crazy” has been out for couple of months now and has got people excited for this release. Lulo Cafe has really shown his passion for music , let alone House music which he’s known for and he has dug deep to give people something that will stand the test of time musically. Get Ready for Soul Africa!

This is the debut studio album from one of SA’s most relevant DJ’s, who is now becoming quite the producer judging from this well crafted album called Soul Africa.He has collaborated with the likes of Black Motion, Donald and Moneoa and this is sure to create buzz this festive season. Below you can sample the album:

Mi Casa Present “Su Casa”.

Mi Casa - Su Casa

Mi Casa – Su Casa

Mi Casa is a band with unique individuals who bring their explosive talent together to create a unique and original sound. The band members (Dr Duda-Producer and club dj, J-Something – vocalist and guitarist and Mo-T – Trumpeter) blend their musical talent to create a soulful sound which incorporates soulful vocals, the guitar, keys and the trumpet. The music industry is nothing new to Mi Casa, the band producer Dr.Duda has been in the industry for over fifteen years, producing and DJing alongside the likes of DJ Fresh, Dj Mandla, Dj Mbuso and making hit tracks featuring talented vocalists such as RJ Benjamin, J-Something and Zodwa amongst many others. One of the featured tracks can be sampled below:


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